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ayummysenbon [userpic]

[Private Been Jammin'.]

November 9th, 2005 (12:56 pm)

What a strange life we live, what a strange, strange road we travel. No man is an island, or so they say, but every day I'm stranded under a palm tree, picking coconut out of my teeth. Heh.

Yuugao is out on a mission. Freakin' weird-ass ANBU and their weird-ass ways. You wouldn't believe some of the shit I found in her room. A branding iron? A book on foot-torture? That's not natural. She's going to kick my ass when she figures out I went through her stuff. But, it's for her own good. Someone has to take care of her...look after her...try and get into her panties.

What else? Oh yeah. I went to get a mission. I have guard duty for the visiting sister of some nobleman on and off for the next few weeks. Crap job, but Hokage-sama is still pissed about a few items that have been missing for a while. She doesn't believe me when I tell her that I DID NOT STEAL HER UNDERWEAR. What the fuck? Why would I want old woman panties?

Oh! I ran into Uchiha Sasuke on the way to get the mission. That guy actually has a sense of humor. I think the Hokage has it out for him, too. Not that it is any wonder. I mean, the dude did try to run off and join Sound. But, he seems alright now.

Also got pulled out of a kickass nap by Naruto. DFOJ#L@#J%L. That kid is a serious nutter. And then the little asswipe had the nerve to be grumpy at ME. Whatever. Like I care.

Played shogi with an old dude. Lost a lot. Swapped pictures and stories. Old people...rule.

ayummysenbon [userpic]


November 7th, 2005 (01:02 pm)

Yuugao gave me a sandwich. She loves me. That freak-ass dogkid tried to drool on it. I followed him afterwards, and even stole some barbeque for him, but he didn't want it (though his dog did). Whatever. His loss.

Then Raidou dragged me off for some training, despite the fact that I was napping. Bastard. Kicked his ass, and was going to take my prize, but he had to bring up Hayate. While I was strangling him, that dogkid somehow got his dog to pee on us. So, then we had to go swimming. Turns out, Raidou got leeches. Karma.

Went home and did some painting. The "Nuriko" painting is really coming along. Got bored and went out to steal some stuff. Toothbrushes, mostly. I'm going to need a lot of toothbrushes. The toothpaste was just a bonus.

Was getting ready to sleep in a tree, and I saw Rock Lee inching down the street. Boy lost his clothes somehow. Well, it happens to the best of us. Found a sheet and covered him up, and then went to sleep on Yuugao's porch. Tried to get her to fuck me in the shower, but she was all cranky or something. Ah well, my love will endure.

Gotta go to the missions office. Yuugao made me do it.

ayummysenbon [userpic]


November 6th, 2005 (04:06 am)

I stole a watch and a garden hose. I gave away a watch and a garden hose. Easy come, easy go.

Met some girl named "Noriko" who apparently is, or was, Rock Lee's girlfriend. Strange. Gai told me once that Lee was totally stuck on Haruno Sakura. Well, kids and love...I guess it's fleeting or something. Lee showed up and started flogging himself with the garden hose. I think Gai might have seriously mind-boogied that kid.

Noriko is...well, I'd be lying if I said she isn't pretty, even though I told her quite a few times that her looks were "regrettable". There's something strange about the whole thing, since she seems to be incredibly superficial, and yet was supposedly dating Rock Lee, who isn't your conventional version of "good looking". Whatever. At least I got her angry enough to bring out the fire for the camera. Oh yeah, she modeled for me. I'm supposed to pay her, eventually, but I just bought some brushes from Tea Country, so I am totally broke. Maybe Yuugao will lend me money...again.

But, probably not.

I need to go see her. She's on my mind so much... Her and Hayate, both.

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